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The Innovative Project

When KCIU submitted its Concept Note in March 2011 and subsequently the Full Proposal in July 2011 to the Positive Action for Children Fund successfully, little did we anticipate the enormous response and support that we could get from our Key Stakeholders once the project was rolled out.

The Project became the first of its kind targeting the Muslim community in the Rift Valley Region in Kenya, earning the full support of the Ministry of Health due to its unique and innovative strategies that were employed.

In the Nakuru County, which is one the of pilot areas where the other eMTCT Project by the Ministry of Health is being implemented, the PMTCT Project by KCIU is seen as a leading example that is greatly contributing towards the anticipated global eMTCT.

This project titled “Strengthening Muslim Community Linkages to Health Facilities” is supported by the ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Children Fund. Valuable technical and supervisory support is offered by the MOH through PASCO Rift Valley and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s technical team. The Project already has made milestones and is expected to end by November 2014.




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