KCIU cannot act in isolation without becoming marginalized or becoming moribund. This therefore requires that we reach out to establish working relationships (partnerships) with communities, institutions both local and international and the Government as they are essential to solving critical social problems in the Community and the Country.

Therefore forming productive partnerships is central to KCIU's work. The specific purposes of this partnership may include but not limited to:

  • To build KCIU’s capacity to achieve its goals.
  • To improve and/or expand the full range of KCIU programmes and projects and training capabilities;
  • To enhance the research capabilities of the KCIU and/or its partners;
  • To enhance and develop the reputation, profile and standards of excellence of KCIU.
  • To establish alliances that are long-term arrangements with partners that transcend individual projects, that incorporate shared objectives and mutual benefits, and that involve an ongoing reciprocal working relationship.
  • To establish Strategic alliances that may involve exclusive relationships with partners on specific and clearly defined areas of work. Where KCIU enters into exclusive alliances, it does so with due attention to procedural fairness, accountability, and the “public trust” responsibility of public institutions.
  • To establish strategic alliances that will be based on blending skills, expertise, and contracts for mutual advantage in supporting community quality service deliveries, trainings and related expertise at KCIU.

To this regard, KCIU has successfully entered into partnerships and collaborated with the following:

  • Family Health International (FHI) - in the projects titled: a) ‘HIV/AIDS, RH/FP, MCH, TB and Malaria Prevention, treatment, care and support among the Muslims in Rift Valley Province’ and b) ‘ Integrated and comprehensive service delivery program for OVC support, care, and treatment while addressing the social determinants of health among the Muslims in Rift Valley Province’
  • United Nations Children Fund - UNICEF in the FGM/C program within the Muslim Community in Kenya
  • ViiV Health Care - UK ’s Positive Action for Children Fund in the PMTCT project titled ‘Strengthening Muslim Community Linkages to Health Facilities
  • World Vision Kenya in the project titled ‘OVC Care and Support’
  • The National AIDS Control Council in the projects titled a) ‘Targeted Advocacy and Communications Interventions’, b) Behavior Change Communication Targeting Couples’, and c) ‘Mobilization of PLHIV’
  • Population Services International (PSI/Kenya) in the project titled ‘Behavior Change Communication on Abstinence for HIV prevention among youth


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