Social Economic Development  


  • To provide community members with functional skills including business and entrepreneurial skills, running meetings, communication, record keeping, group dynamics and group management, business planning and financial management.
  • To explore and create employment opportunities in the community.
  • Provision of vocational training and start up kits
  • To advocate for and create awareness on Human Rights.
  • To enhance and promote peace and harmony.
  • To increase participation in Nation building and patriotism.
  • To increase participation of youth and women in social activities


  • Imams from all regions of Kenya have been trained on anti-corruption and integrity by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Refer to the Report of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission/Kenya Council of Imams and Ulamaa Regional Workshop)
  • Social-economic empowerment of OVC and their households through the OVC Care and Support Program
  • Formation of support groups that have been linked for IGA  and livelihood support


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