Social Determinant of Health Project

The Social Determinants of Health (SDH) Project supported by USAID’s APHIAPLUS Project . The goal of this project is to support activities that will improve the quality of life for orphans and vulnerable OVCs and people living with HIV/AIDS and their households while ensuring their sustainability. In this project, KCIU has been supported:

  • To build KCIU’s capacity to achieve its goals.
  • To improve and/or expand the full range of KCIU programmes and projects and training capabilities;
  • To enhance the research capabilities of the KCIU and/or its partners;
  • To enhance and develop the reputation, profile and standards of excellence of KCIU.
  • To establish alliances that are long-term arrangements with partners that transcend individual projects, that incorporate shared objectives and mutual benefits, and that involve an ongoing reciprocal working relationship.
  • To establish Strategic alliances that may involve exclusive relationships with partners on specific and clearly defined areas of work. Where KCIU enters into exclusive alliances, it does so with due attention to procedural fairness, accountability, and the “public trust” responsibility of public institutions.
  • To establish strategic alliances that will be based on blending skills, expertise, and contracts for mutual advantage in supporting community quality service deliveries, trainings and related expertise at KCIU.

The PMTCT Project

KCIU has been supported by ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action for Children Fund to implement this project titled ‘Strengthening Muslim Community Linkages to Health Facilities” The aim of the Project is reduced transmission of HIV from mothers to children by reducing infections in women of reproductive age and increasing use of PMTCT and post-natal care and support services for mothers living with HIV in Rift Valley.

Through this support, KCIU endeavors to:

  • Increase awareness of men and women of reproductive age on primary HIV prevention and PMTCT and CT services in 6 target Counties by October 2014.
  • Increase access to PMTCT for pregnant women in 6 target Counties in Rift Valley by October 2014
  • Increase access to pre and post-natal counselling and care and support services for HIV positive pregnant women and new mothers in 6 target Counties in Rift Valley by October 2014
  • Strengthen monitoring and evaluation and documentation of PMTCT and related services by October 2014
Education Project  

“Community advocacy for gender equity in education and health for Muslim Girls and Women” in 5 Counties in the Rift Valley.

The overall objective of this Project is to contribute to the improvement of education and access to and utilization of sexual and reproductive health services for Muslim girls and women in five counties in Rift Valley.

The project, an initiative of KCIU, is integrating SRH and HIV and AIDS, advocacy and capacity building at the individual girl’s level, the family, the community including community religious leaders, the local schools and health facilities to realize the objective.


  • There is an increase in the number of Muslim women and girls empowered through education able to address health related issues including SRH, FGM/C and early arranged marriages.
  • There is a reduced number of non-school going girls.
  • General increase in the community’s awareness on their health issues like access to PMTCT services and reduced stigma and discrimination.


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